About us

Made of origin

We come from a great baking tradition; our origins in the field of traditional bakery and pastries go back to 1940 with the acquisition of the bakery “La Constancia” in Santander, Spain, where the Coria Gallegos Family worked for decades for the growth of a family dream. In the 70’s we acquired the “Panaderías Cántabras” bakery to expand productive capacity and meet the needs of our customers.

Vega Pelayo

In the 90’s, with a generational change in progress, the new Coria Ríos family decided to expand its line of business into the field of confectionery, opting for the craft manufacture of products from Cantabria, attaching to the group of existing companies a small Sobaos Pasiegos bakery called “Vega Pelayo SL” located in Santander, a bakery that given the demand of the market was transferred at the end of this decade to the Guarnizo industrial estate, in order to expand productive capacity and with the aim of always being at the forefront of technology.


Made of quality

Currently, our products are present throughout the national territory, in major stores all over the country. We manufacture under our brand Vega Pas, as well as for the brand of the distributor. Our products are exported to Europe, Africa and Latin America.

Quality certifications

In 2014, we were jointly certified for the first time in international quality standards:    International Food Standard – IFS   and  British Retail Consortium – BRC  . Standards that are behind all our actions as a company to meet the quality objectives of all our customers.

We are made of 4 basic ingredients:

Talent, Enthusiasm, Innovation and Social Awareness



The important thing is the people; the work is done by people and we firmly believe that our employees are part of our project and that each person is able to contribute from their area or job.



We are ready for the new challenges. Vega Pelayo has a clear commitment to growth by increasing its presence in foreign markets, and we prepare ourselves daily to meet the needs and requirements of these new customers.



We want to be leading players in the future of the agri-food sector, being clearly committed to innovation in the search of more efficient processes and products through the use of technology, a tool that enhances our position in the market.



One of the group’s priorities is to support sporting, social and charity events; presence in local, national and international fairs in order to contribute to the dissemination of Cantabria products and the development of the region.