Puff pastry ties with Almond Icing

This product is the result of the union of some basic ingredients (butter, eggs and flour) with a tradition of excellent puff pastry from the region. This union has given rise to a gastronomic work of art “Puff Pastry Ties”. The upper layer VegaPas tie is covered by a layer of glazing with chopped almonds, which gives it a unique look and a sweet taste. To keep this work of art intact from its preparation to the first bite, the product is individually packed.

Nutritional facts


Wheat flour, margarine [vegetable fats and oils (partially hydrogenated palm fat, partially hydrogenated soybean, sunflower, colza and maize oils in varying proportions, palm fat), emulsifiers (E-471, E-322-soy lecithin), acidulant (E-330, E-331), salt, preservative (E-202), flavouring and colour (E-160a) sugar, water, butter (10%), egg white, almond (1%), salt, yeast, corn starch and flavouring.

Contain: Cereals containing gluten: Wheat, Eggs and products thereof. Milk and products thereof (including lactose).  May contain traces soybeans and products thereof. Free from GMO

Available sizes: