Plain Muffins

What do you call a bun made to be dunked in milk, coffee, chocolate or whatever you like? The answer is Plain Muffins, meaning “wet with”. A bun quoted by Cervantes in his great work Don Quixote, which gives us a clue to the popular origin of this delicious sweet. And the fact is that wherever there is a Plain Muffin, there is a good bowl to dunk it in before enjoying its sponginess at breakfast and teatime.

Nutritional facts


Wheat flour, sugar, sunflower oil, egg, water, humectant (E-422), glucose syrup, raising agents (E-500, E-450, E-331), anti-caking agents (E-516), flavouring, salt, preservative (E-202) and acid (E-330).


Cereals containing gluten: Wheat. Eggs and products thereof. Milk and products thereof (including lactose).  May contain traces soybeans and products thereof. Free from GMO.

Available sizes: